HOPE-note 6

“We must accept finite disappointment but never lose infinite hope.” -Martin Luther King

“I wait for the Lord, my soul waits for the Lord and in His Word, I hope; Like a watchman I wait, like a watchman.” -Psalm 130


Waiting is work.  Anyone who has ever waited for something deeply desired to break free knows it. Not like waiting at a bus stop or at an airport or in line at the store.  That’s patience.  We can practice that skill.

Spiritual Waiting requires courage. It requires strength and endurance.  Perseverance!  But most of all, waiting requires Hope.  Hope says, “It will someday, but more importantly, it will someday – I know it will!  It’s going to happen and its going to happen when it’s right, so I can wait.”

And my waiting includes looking and watching for it, like its my duty as it is for the watchman on the tower.  He is vigilant.  Waiting, watching, and hoping! To all that are waiting for their hearts desire, Be Encouraged! It’s coming. Watch for it. Have Hope!