HOPE-note 28

“Why don’t I have what they have? One of the most dangerous questions to our hearts we can ask.” -Anon

“I will boast only in the Lord. Let all who are discouraged take heart.” -Ps 34 by King David


Critical to gratefulness and peace is the understanding that God knows all your needs and He meets every one of them in His own way and timing. Comparison is your enemy. Envy is your nagging nightmare. Entitlement destroys generosity and selflessness.

PD Tripp say “What is devastating about envy is that it questions God’s goodness. His love for you and His ability to answer prayer. And when you do that you quit running to Him for help.”

When we forget all we have and all that we has been done for us, we begin to question if God is who He says He is. We think maybe He loves someone else more. Maybe that person, earned God’s love more than we did. We begin to evaluate His love for us by what He gives us. And we reduce our love for Him to a matter of “His” performance.

Is your first thought thankfulness instead of what you lack? Do you believe that what He did for you is beyond anything you could have done yourself? Do you believe that the God you believe in has plans beyond what you have yet to

If so you are moving towards the life your heart truly longs for!