HOPE-note 27

“Only a change of heart can lead to a lasting better way of life. Tripp “We need a heart change to have a head change.” -Anon

“If you love me you will obey me.” -John 14:15


“I haven’t changed. I have been changed.”

As I began to truly dive into my faith, some around me would say “You have changed.” My answer was always the same, “I’ve been changed.” You see I knew I had tried to change many things about my day-to-day living, but I had only moved the needle a little and certainly not permanently.

Any lasting change came first as a change of heart. Something that in the words of David, King and shepherd boy, “Gave me a new song to sing.” A difference so deep so meaningful that I couldn’t help but change. And I found that only a surrendered heart, that is a heart open to the new could be changed. As I opened my heart to God, He responded and met the real desires of my heart.

So what, and more precisely who, we open our heart to determines what changes are made. For me the “newness” of my heart has come from my willingness to love God more and to accept His love and acceptance of me.

Now my energies are not invested in the futile struggle to change myself. They are invested instead in the dedication to loving God and being loved.

The desires of my heart are changing and so is my life.

What changes do you desire for yourself, and are you finally ready to surrender them? God has a plan for you more wonderful than you can ever imagine. Seek Him and you will find the you He created.