HOPE-note 26

“Every flower blooms in its own time.” -Ken Petti

“But who do you say I am?’ -Matt 16:25


It’s a pretty yellow flower. Its leaves are bright green. It grows easily. It is used to make salads and wine in some countries. You would think we would have gardens of these and yet dandelions are weeded, killed with chemical sprays, and viewed as the enemy of every green lawn everywhere.

We may know or we may be “dandelion people.” Dandelion people have much to offer, and viewed through a different lens, they would be seen as valuable. But most often they are told “not you, not here; you are of little value, in fact, you devalue the rest of us. You’re a weed in our beautiful lawn.”

When the Lord asked His disciple Peter that question, He wanted to know not only who Peter thought He was but who Peter thought Peter was.

If your value is being challenged today, if you are a dandelion today, know that the absolute truth of your worth is found in the God who made you. And He loves you deeply. He values you greatly.

Live in that in the present. Hope in that for the future.