HOPE-note 25

“Hope is best expressed as a verb.” -TT

“When you reach the banks of the Jordan take a few steps into the river and stop.” -Joshua 3:8


You can read about Hope. But like the best things we know, the best way to understand hope is to see it lived out by another.

The Lord told the Israelites to take a step of faith and see what He does. They did and He did!

Hope is doing. Doing what we know to do with the expectation of what good thing will come as a result. People have been doing it for thousands of years. The Israelites showed us hope when they stepped into the Jordan. They took a step for the promise of a better future, to reach the promised land of their lives, and to fulfill their hopes and dreams.

Steps of Hope change lives. They can change our lives if we are willing. Our steps of Hope can help someone else take a step because they see us. We might even come alongside them with a shoulder to lean on while they do.

I like to think that when we take a step for ourselves or to help someone take a step of hope it brings a smile to God’s face. If we look closely, we can almost see God’s smile in the smile of the person we are helping.