HOPE-note 23

“Then Hope comes along and puts wind in our sails of faith.” -Bishop M. Curry

“I am losing all hope. I am paralyzed with fear.” -Psalm 143:4


A raft adrift at sea is not the inspiring picture we put on our walls.

A sailing ship at full speed, powering through the waves with the captain at the wheel and the crew at their stations, off to a new adventure-now that’s a poster! That’s the life we long to live.

The Royal Clipper was the largest wooden sailing ship ever built: 56,000 square feet of sail, 5 masts, 42 sails. It weighed 5,000 tons and carried 333 people including 227 passengers. The Royal Clipper needed that much sail to catch a great deal of wind.

What I find amazing about the wind is like Hope and faith, you can’t see it. You can only see its results. A God sized vision, clipper ship size, requires great faith. That vision will never come to pass unless we get moving. That’s where Hope comes in. Hope fills the sails of our faith. It gets us on the sea towards a great adventure.

What represents the vision for the life you are living out right now? Adrift towards a desert island on a lonely, poorly constructed raft with a tiny sail or the Royal Clipper at full sail?

Raise the sails, there’s a wind blowing for you if you’ll catch it!