HOPE-note 20

“We have an eternal debt we can never pay. We are spiritually bankrupt. No matter how hard we work, our bank account reads Insufficient Funds! “ -D. Gray

“Blessed are the poor in spirit for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven.”  -Matthew 5:3


The goal of a debt free financial life is often admired and requires diligence and a continual vigilance to the right choices. Our culture and certainly every marketing campaign wants us to “need” more. We can quickly go from “that’s nice”, to “I would like to have it” to “I need that to be happy”. So we buy things with money we don’t have to impress others we probably don’t even like while we solidify this self-image of success.

As a country the US and our national debt grows daily to numbers in the Trillions that make it virtually impossible for the average citizen to understand. (Google US debt clock to see an amazing array of data)

Yet, as wild as our national debt numbers are and as real as our personal debt challenges are, do we ever think about the debt we have that has been paid for us? An even greater debt that is impossible for us to pay, was paid 2,000 + years ago by a death on the cross. This debt is eternal, and we are free from it in only one way.

Eternal debt free living requires only 1 thing. A choice to say yes to Jesus Christ and His way of living. The results are the following and they are amazing. We are free!  Our chains of debt  we call fear, wrongs, regrets and hurts are broken. The weight of an unfulfilled life has been lifted. Looking for a contentment we will never find on our own does not define our living anymore. We no longer are “looking for love in all the wrong places,” as the song goes. We have an eternal love affair with the One who made us.