HOPE-note 17

“If you want to build a relationship with God you have to slow down and be quiet.” -R. Warren

“I waited patiently for the Lord and He inclined towards me and heard my cry for help.” -Psalm 40


Hope needs to be nourished. It requires patience. Growing Hope is consistent work. As counter intuitive as it sounds patiently waiting is an action verb. It is listening, praying, seeking, and believing.

The actions of staying busy, filling our schedules and our heads and hearts has different results than drawing closer to God. It is a relationship killer. The constant motion of busyness steals us away from the significant all too often. We move further away from our family, our network of community and most significantly the Lord.

But God has a way of slowing us down. He is determined to have a relationship with us. And He can do it the easy way or the hard way. In our fast paced doing, we can think we are waiting on God and because we haven’t heard Him, we become anxious and overwhelmed. But all too often while we think we are waiting on Him, He is waiting on us to slow down, to listen for Him and to Hope in Him.

Be Encouraged! Have Hope. Wherever your busyness has taken you now, no matter how hopeless a place it may seem, God is there. Slow down. Look for Him. Listen for Him. He is waiting for you. He loves you and He has a plan.