HOPE-note 16

“Mary did you know when you kissed you baby child you kissed the face of God?” -B. Greene & M. Lowery – song writers

“So, God created human beings in His own image.” -Genesis 1:27


Theologians have much to say about the meaning in the book of Genesis of being created in the image of God. They discuss the profoundness of what that might mean. But for a simple thought I can hold on to I say this…

When we look into the face of our child, the face of someone we live with and love and yes even when we look into the mirror, we see the face God created to represent Him to the world. It is a face meant to be a face of God! We can see that if we remember to view these faces through the sight of God and how He sees us.

Yes, even those we don’t know, who’s face doesn’t look like ours was created by the Creator of all things to represent Him.

The next face you see, and every face you see from now on is one of those faces. Can we start living that way today? Can we value and appreciate each face? If I try, will you?

Rest in this. Hope in this today.