HOPE-note 12

“Hold fast to your dreams. For if dreams die, life is a broken-winged bird that can not fly.” -L. Hughes

“How long O Lord.” -Psalm 94


We often ask God questions only He can answer. We ask “Why?” We ask “How?” Some say we should not ask these questions but instead we should ask “What is it am I supposed to learn from this?’ A good question certainly and it comes from a mature perspective.

But sometimes we are so distraught, so filled with despair and troubled with doubts that we only have one question left. We cry out to God “When?” When will this be over? When is the timing of my rescue from this; or the rescue of this person I love?

We have no place left to go. No one left to turn to for relief. Out of pure desperation we cry out to God “How long O Lord?”

And God is not offended or angry with our questions. He is ok if we ask Him. He understands. And He has our answer to When, How, What and Why. He has the answer to every question. He is the answer.

And when we understand this, then we know we were never alone. He has been in the pit with us all along. We will not remain that broken-winged bird with a dream or a HOPE. We soar like eagles!