HOPE-note 11

“Your toughest battle is between what you know and what you feel.” -Anon.

“Now do what you have been taught. School’s out; stop studying the subject and start living it out.” -2 Corinthians


I just need to know a little more. I’m almost ready to begin except I need to check out one more thing to feel better about it. One more book? One more podcast? One more webinar?

What do we need? A burning bush. A parted Red Sea. A blind man healed. We know enough! We know what kindness looks like. We know what being generous is. What forgiving can be. What loving others means. We have been shown.

Can we be better at these? Of course. Should we be satisfied with what we know about them? No! We can get better and sometimes reading something, hearing something inspires us or maybe adds some additional perspective. It’s ok.

But if all we do is feel good about something we have learned or feel that we don’t know enough to start then inaction becomes our path to irrelevance.

For today, let’s agree we know enough about loving someone, being generous towards someone, forgiving someone or just being kind to another.

Do something! I will too.