An Optimist believes good things will happen in our circumstances.

A Hope-ist believes we can combine optimism and faith to not only expect positive outcomes but can influence them to occur.

I am a Hope-ist!

About Me

Hi I’m Tony Tennaro. When the idea of a website with my name on it was brought up my first reaction was-oh no! The world doesn’t need one more website.

As we talked more about it, I agreed to launch one. Why? Because the world does need more people talking about HOPE! Maybe it might even be more meaningful that I am just an ordinary guy who believes in an extraordinary God who does extraordinary things constantly with ordinary people. With a faith in God, a hope for tomorrow and a desire to have a significantly positive impact on people and the life they live, I am -like Star Trek’s Enterprise- going where this man has not gone before.

If we neglect the most important relationships, God, family, and friends as the foundation of this one life we lead we have no right to call ourselves successful. So strengthening those is my daily goal. How to keep those front and center? I started a few practices that consistently point me to God and what He is doing in them and what He is perhaps calling me to do.

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I choose HOPE. I want to live in the possibilities of Life. Come join me. I want you to live there with me. That is why I created HOPE-notes.

Finding Joy

Mia Famiglia.

Some things we do to strengthen our relationships and ensure we are finding joy!

Be Encouraged

How’s your week going? Seeking God Wednesday is a weekly quote of inspiration to counter the mid-week fade.  

Gratefulness and Giving

The most powerful weapon we have to fight fear, a scarcity mentality, pride, ego, and trust. By the way, gratefulness leads to generosity and generosity leads to a purposeful life.

The Big Ask

Directional questions meant for real, careful and intentional thought and then translated into action.

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Tony Tennaro

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